Vivatex produces high-quality fabrics for women’s high fashion and ready-to-wear since the early 80’s. The Villa family has been running the company establishing its success on work, knowledge, but mostly always having a consistent focus on technology, environment, quality, safety, ethics and sustainability. Vivatex is flexible and efficient, perfectly able to develop large production volumes and to fully satisfy the specific needs of different clients when it comes to research and sampling. Our work is based on continuous research and development, carried out through sophisticated traditions that inspire research, thus obtaining fabrics that are the result of the most advanced technologies both on a weaving and a dyeing level and the ennoblement of silk and other fibres.

From this desire to continuously and progressively improve the service offered arises the decision of Vivatex to adopt and implement a management system in compliance with the ISO 9001 norm and with some product standards (GOTS, FSC®….), in order to use it as a tool and a guide in striving to satisfy the clients’ implicit and explicit needs. One of these increasingly felt needs is the necessity to limit the presence of dangerous chemicals in the production process. This issue is deeply felt by Vivatex too, which decided to invest its energies on the matter. In order to do so, Vivatex decided to adopt the PRSL (Product Restricted Substances List) and the MRSL ZDHC (www.roadmaptozero.com).

In particular, the proposed objectives are:

  • The establishment of a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and its suppliers, and their involvement aimed to improve the ability of both to create value and to share standards in the field of quality, environment, safety and social responsibility;
  • The involvement of the personnel in reaching the company’s goals, while stimulating the growth of competence and abilities among the human resources through a specific technical-professional training;
  • The investment on the personnel, in order to guarantee that it is constantly updated and able to help the company activities aimed to maintain the continuous compliance with the legislation and to meet the clients’ needs;
  • The amplification of the clients’ satisfaction in order to obtain their fidelization;
  • The prevention of non-conformities and complains through the planning and predisposition of targeted monitoring during the phases and activities that could influence the offered service’s quality the most;
  • The promotion of a production process designed to reduce the introduction of pollutants in the environment and the strive to ensure limits to the presence of chemicals that could harm both humans and the environment on the final product delivered to our clients.

The company’s management is engaged in promoting the awareness and the involvement of all the collaborators when facing the challenges outlined above, making available the substances needed in order to achieve the goals set while putting into practice the prescriptions of the implemented system. The company’s management is also engaged in carrying out periodical controls of the system in order to verify its adequacy and to initiate the suitable actions aiming to a continuous improvement. In carrying out its activities, Vivatex takes advantage of the best techniques and means that are available at the moment, sharing them with its clients and suppliers in order to reduce the risks derived from the working process – aiming in particular to the reduction of the possible chemical risk during the production process.

This Policy is communicated to the personnel and the stakeholders, in order to explain and achieve the goals listed therein, in order to initiate the actions necessary for its implementation and periodical control, aiming also to update the content of this policy when necessary.

Colverde, 20 July 2020

                                                                         The Management